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2004 Honda Civic


2004 Honda Civic

2004 Honda Civic

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The 2004 Honda Civic is one of the world’s best-selling compacts; well-built, comfortable, technologically-advanced. The rather bland styling has been made more aggressive in the 2004 Honda Civic. A dizzying array of engine and equipment levels is offered. EPA city/highway mileage is 32/39 mpg. Prices start at $12,810 in the US, $17,110 in Canada. Basic warranty is 36 months/36,000 miles.

Should You Buy a 2004 Honda Civic?:

The Civic has long been one of our favorites because of the way it handles and because of the excellent interior ergonomics, a blessing for both driver and passengers. Buyers will be delighted with the way options and trim levels allow them to customise their Civic, though the number of choices can be confusing. The 2004 Honda Civic features Honda’s renowned VTEC engine technology; VTEC means an engine family that cleverly combines performance with economy and meets stringent anti-pollution standards. In the 80s and early-90s Civics enjoyed distinctive styling; in later years they became boringly bland. Honda has attempted to address that complaint with the 2004 Honda Civic, particularly the Coupe, which looks remarkably like the Accord. There are four different power levels available from the 1.7 liter engine, ranging from 100 hp through 115, 117; and 127 in the EX, plus a choice of 5-speed manual, conventional 4-speed or more efficient CVT automatics. For enthusiastic sport compact drivers Honda offers the British-built Si 2-door hatch. That will get you 160 eager horses. Most buyers, however, should find the Civic a pleasing solution to everyday needs and may even discover that driving can be more of a pleasure than a chore.

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