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How to clean, detail and wax your car's exterior


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Wax clean-up and maintenance
How to detail a car - results

The end result: A 15-year-old car that glimmers like new

Photo © Aaron Gold

You're almost done! Use a microfiber towel or a detail brush to clean out any wax that may have accumulated around trim pieces, emblems and badges.

Once that's done, give yourself a pat on the back! Your car is not only clean, but you've applied a protective barrier that will protect your car's finish. And doesn't the car look great? (Compare the picture above to the picture in step 1.)

You should continue to wash your car regularly as weather permits; re-wax in six to twelve months or when water no longer beads on the surface of the paint. For between-wash touch-ups, a detailing spray like Mothers Showtime will give your car that just-waxed look.

Products used:

Microfiber detail towels (compare prices)
Mothers Detail Brush (compare prices)
Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer (compare prices)

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Special thanks to the folks at Mothers, who provided space, supplies, know-how and elbow grease for this article. Visit them online at www.mothers.com.

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