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Jaguar C-X75 concept

2010/2011 Los Angeles Auto Show


Jaguar C-X75 concept

Jaguar C-X75 concept

Photo © Aaron Gold

No question, this is one of the most innovative and exciting cars at the LA show. The C-X75 concept is a plug-in, range-extended electric vehicle, sort of like the Chevrolet Volt, except instead of a gasoline engine as a range extender, the Jag uses a pair of micro gas turbines -- as in jet engines -- to drive the generators. With four electric motors, one driving each wheel, the C-X75 can go almost 70 miles on pure battery power. The C-X75 can reach 137 MPH on jet-generated electricity alone; with both turbines running and a full battery charge, it can reach to 205 MPH for 60 seconds (or 180 MPH for 120 seconds), but then must slow down for a turbine-powered recharge (8 minutes at 100 MPH) before making another high-speed sprint.

The C-X75 won't see production, but the Ian Callum-penned shape hits at Jaguars to come. And since Jaguar's parent company Tata also owns a stake in Bladon Jets, manufacturers of the C-X75's turbine engines, the day may come when we actually see a jet-powered Jaguar.

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