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Eagle Medallion

American-branded Eurocars


Renault 21

Eagle Medallion

Photo © Renault

The Medallion was one of several cars introduced as a result of American Motors Corporation's partnership with French automaker Renault, and was a rebadged and slightly restyled version of the Renault 21 shown here. The car was originally launched as the Renault Medallion in 1987, shortly before AMC was purchased by Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler ported the Medallion to its new Eagle brand in 1988, where it was sold alongside the Renault-designed Premier. Chrysler filled out Eagle showrooms with a handful of Mitsubishi-designed cars, including the Talon sports coupe, and even added one of its vaunted LH cars, the Eagle Vision (the other LHs being the Dodge Intrepid and Chrysler Concorde). Chrysler dropped the Medallion after 1992, and the Eagle brand was history by 1998.

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