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Merkur XR4Ti

American-branded Eurocars


Ford Sierra Cosworth

Merkur XR4Ti

Photo © Ford
Few Americans have heard of the Ford Sierra, though in Europe the Sierra was as well known as cars like the Chevy Nova and Dodge Dart once were in the US -- and about as glorious. Ford's Merkur division, whose German-designed cars were sold at Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, was created in 1985, and the smaller of the two cars they sold, the XR4Ti, was a hot-rodded version of the Sierra. Though Ford did sell fast Sierras in Europe (XR4i and Cosworth, the latter shown here), the Merkur XR4Ti got a 2.3 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that was unique to the US market. Merkur also sold the larger Scorpio, which was based on the European-market Granada. Neither car sold well and Ford killed off Merkur in 1989.
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