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Eagle Premier/Dodge Monaco

American-branded Eurocars


Renault 25

Eagle Premier/Dodge Monaco

Photo © Renault
Chrysler inhereted the Premier when it purchased AMC/Jeep in 1987. The Premier was identical to French partner Renault's top-of-the-range Renault 25, shown here. It was originally to be sold with a Renault badge, but after the Chrysler purchase it was introduced as part of the new Eagle lineup. Chrysler developed a less-expensive model which it introduced in 1990 as the Dodge Monaco. Though the Premier/Monaco was short-lived -- Chrysler discontinued both cars after 1992 -- many of their design features found their way into the Chrysler-designed LH cars (Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde and Eagle Vision), most notably the longitudinal engine layout, a hallmark of Renault's front-wheel-drive designs.

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