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American world cars

American cars you can't buy in America


Travel outside the US and you'll find plenty of cars bearing American brand names that aren't sold in America. Though they wear American nameplates, many of these vehicles are designed in their native markets and are specifically tailored to the needs of local buyers. Click the thumbnails for more information about each car.
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Buick AllureBuick AllureBuick ExcelleBuick ExcelleBuick Park AvenueBuick Park AvenueCadillac BLS sedanCadillac BLS sedan
Cadillac BLS wagonCadillac BLS wagonCadillac SLSCadillac SLSChevrolet New AstraChevrolet Astra (new)Chevrolet Old AstraChevrolet Astra (old)
Chevrolet CapriceChevrolet CapriceChevrolet CaptivaChevrolet CaptivaChevrolet Celta/PrismaChevrolet Celta/PrismaChevrolet Corsa/ChevyChevrolet Corsa/Chevy
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