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Lancia photo gallery


Italian automaker Lancia dates from 1906, and the brand has been a subsidiary of Fiat since 1969. Today, the Lancia lineup consists of luxury-oriented cars based on Fiat models. Lancia sold cars in the Untied States between 1985 and 1982, and the Fiat-Chrysler partnership opens up the possibility of Lancia's return to the United States.
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Lancia DeltaLancia Delta, front viewLancia DeltaLancia Delta, rear viewLancia Lybra sedanLancia LybraLancia Lybra SWLancia Lybra SW
Lancia MusaLancia MusaLancia PhedraLancia PhedraLancia ThesisLancia ThesisLancia YpsilonLancia Ypsilon
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