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Tips on choosing the right car

Tips and tricks to help you choose the right car.
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Least Expensive Cars of 2009
This is our second annual list of the least expensive cars sold in America (you can find last year's list here). Once again, we've driven them all, and this list tells you which of these 2009 cheap cars are real deals and which ones are real duds.

European delivery
Save money on your car AND your travel by picking up your new European car in Europe

Should you buy a used car? About's guide to buying new vs. buying used
The days when used cars meant trouble are over. Today, buying used is a great way to get more car for less dough. An overview by the expert test drivers at About Cars.

Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips
I like to save fuel for two reasons: 1) I'm concerned about our dwindling oil supplies and 2) I'm a cheapskate at heart. I've compiled ten tips that can help you squeeze a few extra miles (or at least a few extra feet) out of each tank of gas. Like clipping coupons, the individual contributions may be small, but the total savings can add up nicely.

Top 10 Features Your Next Car Should Have
Used to be that power windows and locks were the epitomy of luxury. Today they are standard on most econoboxes; technology has gifted us with a great many more goodies and gadgets. Here are ten features and options that could make life with your next car a great deal easier and safer.

Top Ten SUV Alternatives
While SUVs offer lots of space, they aren't always the most practical vehicle. Here are ten vehicles that will give you the space of an SUV with all the advantages of a car, as opposed to a truck. Tested, analyzed and reviwed by the experts at About Cars.

Top 10 Deals on Wheels
The lowest price doesn't always make for a bargain; it's more like "what you get for what you pay." This Top 10 list from About Cars offers ten cars that deliver value for money.

Top 10 Cars For Women
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6 Easy Steps to Buying a New Car

New Body Styles Dazzle and Confuse
Here's a brief rundown on the advantages and disadvantages of every body type from coupe to crossover.

Specifications Made Easy
Confused by specifications? Wonder what they mean, and especially what they mean to you? We take the mystery out of the numbers with these simple explanations.

Which Car? A Handy Test
Selecting the best car for your needs can be a chore. This brief 3-part test makes it relatively painless.

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