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Honda cars: What's new for 2007

Entry-level Fit and hot-rod four-door Civic Si are this year's highlights


2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Photo © Honda
ACCORD: New Special Edition V6 Sedan, which fits in between LX-V6 and EX-V6 models, comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, a 6-disc CD changer, steering-wheel audio controls, automatic transmission and alarm system, all standard.

CIVIC: The 197 hp hot-rod Si (photo) is now available as a sedan as well as a coupe. The natural-gas-powered GX sedan also re-joins the lineup.

FIT: (photo) This subcompact 5-door hatchback is Honda's new entry-level car. Sold in other countries as the Jazz, the Fit is available here in Base and Sport trim levels. The Fit boasts a low price and high EPA estimates, and is already successfully luring buyers out of larger cars. INSIGHT: Discontinued.

S2000: The high-performance two-seat convertible is unchanged for 2007.

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