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Hyundai Equus photo gallery

2009 Hyundai Equus


This is the Equus, a large luxury sedan that Hyundai sells in its home market of South Korea. The Equus is based on a stretched version of the Hyundai Genesis sedan. Amenities include four-zone climate control, heating and cooling for all four seats, and a small refrigerator in the back seat console, and the right-rear seat reclines like a La-Z-Boy. Up front, the driver enjoys active cruise control, a lane departure warning system, parking cameras, and an air-sprung suspension. Hyundai is considering bringing the Equus to the United States. Click the thumbnails for larger photos and more details.

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2009 Hyundai Equus from the frontHyundai Equus rear view2009 Hyundai Equus from the rearHyundai Equus hood ornamentHood ornamentHyundai Equus interiorInterior, driver's side
Hyundai Equus dashboardDashboard detailHyundai Equus interiorInterior, passenger's sideHyundai Equus front seatFront seatHyundai Equus back seatBack seat
Hyundai Equus rear seatChairman's SeatHyundai Equus rear seat tableFolding tableHyundai Equus rear seat control panelRear seat control panelHyundai Equus massage system remote controlSeat massage remote
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