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Least Expensive Cars of 2014


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Chevrolet Spark LS
2013 Chevrolet Spark front view

Chevrolet Spark

Photo © General Motors

2. Chevrolet Spark LS: $12,995

Good value? Yes, definitely!

Chevy's Korean-built mini-car features cheeky styling, bold paint colors, and a tiny-but-eager engine, and its $13k price tag (unchanged since the car's introduction in 2013) includes air conditioning, power windows, alloy wheels, and a whopping ten airbags. It also includes a manual transmission; for those who don't want a stick-shift, automatic Sparks start at $13,920. The Spark's small size makes it easy to park and a lot of fun to thread through crowded city streets; it also feels solid and stable out on the open road, though it crashes over bumps like the budget-priced car that it is. Still, the Spark is a very likeable car that epitomizes the concept of cheap-n-cheerful.

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