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Least Expensive Cars of 2014


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Smart ForTwo Pure
Smart ForTwo

Smart ForTwo

Photo © Smart

3. Smart ForTwo Pure: $13,240

Good value? No

Though few Americans seem to take the two-seat Smart seriously, it actually does make a decent entry-level car. Though sparsely equipped compared to the Nissan Versa, Chevy Spark, and Mitsubishi Mirage -- crank-down windows, no stereo, and no air conditioning (the latter is available as a $740 option) -- the ForTwo Pure does come with an automatic transmission, roomy seating for two and a surprisingly spacious trunk. And the novelty factor is unbeatable. But the Smart's small size and light weight make it easy pickings for crosswinds and the herky-jerky transmission is annoying (it's essentially a manual transmission that does all the clutching and shifting for you). The Smart's small size isn't as much of an advantage here in the US as it is in the home market of Europe, and other vehicles on this list quite literally give you a lot more car for the money.

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