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Ten Best Cars for Teens


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Toyota Prius c
Toyota Prius c

Toyota Prius c

Photo © Toyota

Perhaps you've got a budding young environmentalist in your home -- why not encourage him? The Toyota Prius c is the smallest and least-expensive hybrid on the market, but there's nothing cut-rate about its 50 MPG EPA combined rating. (I averaged 52 MPG the last time I drove one, and have been able to nurse it up to 60 MPG.) It's reasonably priced at just under $20,000, though its crash tests are a mixed bag: IIHS gave it top marks in all but the tough new small-overlap tests, where it scored the lowest rating, and the Government gives it only four out of five stars. That said, the Prius c encourages "hypermiling" rather than street racing, and encouraging your teen to strive for economy rather than speed is bound to keep him safer.

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