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Toyota's Matrix, which is mechanically similar to the Pontiac Vibe, is all new for 2009. It is available in Standard, S and XRS models. Base and S share a 1.8 liter engine; the S offers optional all-wheel-drive. The hot-rod XRS makes its triumphant return with a 2.4 liter engine that turns out 158 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures, and for details and driving impressions check out our 2009 Toyota Matrix test drive and review.
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2009 Toyota Matrix S front-left view2009 Matrix S2009 Toyota Matrix S front-right view2009 Matrix S2009 Toyota Matrix S rear view2009 Matrix S2009 Toyota Matrix XRS front view2009 Matrix XRS
2009 Toyota Matrix XRS rear view2009 Matrix XRS2009 Toyota Matrix S interiorMatrix S interior2009 Toyota Matrix XRS interiorMatrix XRS interior2009 Toyota Matrix XRS center stackCenter stack detail
2009 Toyota Matrix S front seatMatrix front seat2009 Toyota Matrix S back seatMatrix back seat2009 Toyota Matrix cargo bayMatrix cargo bay2009 Toyota Matrix 1.8 engineMatrix Standard and Matrix S engine
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