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Readers Respond: Car dealership horror stories

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***** Infinity in Escondido lies!

I purchased a car from **** Infinity Escondido Their representative didn't explained properly the 48 return policy. There was misunderstanding. Car suppose to be certified pre owned. Minute after I purchased the car it found out that navigation, homelink, heated seats, blue tooth is not working. I requested to return the car ( even mentioned I will purchase and choose other vehicle on lot) General Manager exact words were: Ha Ha , we sell cars here, we do not take them back. That car is yours. Bad Bad choice to trust ***** Infinity dealership in Escondido I guess.

No MSO for my new truck!!

I purchased a 50,000 truck from ******** ford in Clebume TX from ******** and was not notified until after I wired the money that they wanted to title the vehicle in my state of Missouri instead of sending the original MSO that dealers assign to the purchaser. I was assured 2 weeks ago by the salesman ******* that the MSO would be fed-x out and would be expedited through the state of MO. and returned to me in just a few days. I received a call from the dealership that the paperwork has not yet been mailed out so for the past two weeks it has laid in a pile, then he hung up on me! My problem is my bank wants the title to secure a dealer lien.
—Guest chris courtney

******* Mazda Baton Rouge,La are liars

They tell you that you are approved for a car and you get there to sign papers and look at the vehicle and there is chips in the paint, rust forming under the hood, and a loose front bumper that is also painted a different color. When questioned about the flaws they say oooo thats just how it is and that the bumper is just a broken rivit( commonly assiociated with frontend damage) and was also told that the color differance was just because it was a plastic bumper and that the other was metal even though the back bumper was also polastic and matched perfectly. I also then went and walked the lot and looked at ALLLLLLLL the other white mazdas and ALLLLLLLLL of there front bumpers were plastic and the colors matched. Then ot top it all off once questions starting being asked the Finance manager starting being very rude and acting like he just didn't care! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. THEY LIE, and they try to hide stuff!
—Guest TJ


Nissan: June 2010 I ordered a new Navara Tekna Connect in electric blue, it arrived November 2010 complete with faded stripy paintwork on both sides and was rejected. The sales manager said “once the vehicle had weathered no one would notice the strips”. A replacement was ordered which arrived in March 2011, again in electric blue, again complete with strips, and again rejected. The Sales Manager then told me that other people would not notice the problem and that it would soon sell, he also told me that I should order one in another colour, which I did, a silver one. This one arrived in April 2011 and I was told it had been diverted form another destination “just for me”, it had brown rust on the bodywork over the windscreen (paintwork bubbled), and rust on the bottom of the tailgate which had been touched up with silver paint. When I reported my findings to the sales executive his reply was that it might be best to cancel the order and look at re-ordering in a few months as

Bob Smith BMW - Fraud Scam!!!

I recently purchased a CPO BMW from ****** BMW in Calabasas, CA. Less than an hour after I drove the car off the lot, the fuel pump died and I had to take it in the shop. I did not take it back to Bob Smith BMW since I live 40 miles away and I have a local BMW dealership less than a mile from home. After running the diagnostics, they confirmed that it is the fuel pump. They called BMW North America to report the problem and get approval to proceed and fix the problem. This is when we were told that BMW North America had already paid ******* BMW to fix this very problem. However, the fuel pump was never replaced and they pocketed the money. They are a bunch of thieves! DO NOT EVER BUY A CAR FROM ***** BMW. What they've done is illegal and they are now under investigation by BMW North America. I hope they will be heavily fined and what they do will be exposed so no one else will fall into their scam.
—Guest BuyersBeware

bought a car with wrong miles

Me and my wife went car shopping at XXXXXXXXXX HONDA IN EDISON NJ We bought a 2007 honda odyssey with what we thought had 41,000 miles at least my warranty and contracts stated that even my milage discrepance also states that. But what we got was a van with 54,000 miles Besides that please always read over every paper they ask you to sign my wife signed the car fax with 2 accidents on it also they told her they were throwing in a extended warranty and what they threw in was another 1750.00 Back to the mileage discrepancy i called the dealer and let them know they said if i was not happy bring back the car i told them we need to talk about this they said they can not compensate me to just bring it back. I opened a complaint with honda headquaters and went to the dealer this evening but I did 1 move better i bought a small recorder and turned it on when i got to the dealer i recorded all my conversations including the finance manager telling me the dealer has more rights then the consumer

Hove Buick Nissan Bad guys sell bad car

They advertised a 1970 corvette convertible in autobuy - I had contact with a guy called landcaster he was the salesman - Im from germany and so I ask him about the condition of the car. He response very good condition no damage - paint and everthing in very good condition. This I got printed by serveral emails also for documentation he send me about 33 photos. I bought the car because I trust a dealership which sells also cars from Nissan and GM ! But what I received after a few weeks over here was a great piece of s**t ! The car has serveral demages - the paint was very bad - the electrical has many bad circuts - and at all as we take the car on a lift we see that this car has had a very bad accident and the frame has a big demage. But this is not all the bad demage was repaired by stupid people so bad that you can throw the car on a junkyard ! This company ripp me off 22.000.-- $ for a frame demaged corvette and they don`t feel bad ! Serveral emails I send - getting no response - an
—Guest Z06 R

typical cheat

Battery wouldn't start, car towed to XXXX Chevrolet in Irving TX. Great battery but cables were cut by AAA to match battery(and AAA charge over $200. for service). Now dealer says $820. to change battery back to original and two battery cables. OEM parts do cost about $350. online so this would be almost $500. for labor. I used to earn that for about 50 hours of work every week. Guess that's what I get for being a public servant al those years.
—Guest zebradog1

Know before you buy from Duke Automotive

2000 Honda Passport. I was told the truck had been through and passed a 117 point inspection. I was provided service records and guaranteed I had made a great purchase. The day after I purchased the vehicle I had to take it back in for issues concerning the truck wanting to power off when sitting idle. To date, the truck has been taken in three different times with two different diagnosis: The first was catalytic converters and the second was the throttle body was conjested with carbon. Both of these diagnosis did not correct the issue of the truck powering off while in operation. The latest event is that the truck started to make a VERY audible noise such as wire hangers clanking together, I almost lost control of the truck and ran into a concrete guardrail, to further aggravate the situation it appears as if the brakes are wanting to give way, with all of this XXXX Automotive now ignores me...I am left with a truck that could take the life of myself and six year old son.
—Guest Skylar

Treaky Car and Sneaky Dealer

I bought a 2002 nissan sentra 01/29/2011 and it cannot be started in the morning of 01/31/2011. The car was towed to the XXXXXXX Nissan in Buford, GA 02/01/2011, and we agreed on a trade in for another Maxima, but they changed their mind right away saying the Maxima has some problem as well. I tried to talk to the general manager, but he SHOUTED at me and asked me to tow my car away. I cannot help but had them to fix the sentra. I felt bad since there's no law in GA to protect used-car consumers, and the dealers are still making dirty money.
—Guest Kay

shady car dealers

i just purchaced a car from XXXXXXX moters in melbourne florida the deal was 2100.00 down and they would finance the rest at 24 percent interest. i was so excited to get a 05 jeep cherokee laredo that i just signed all the forms without reading them(stupid) i know but needed a car to get my kids to school and disabled parents to doctor and shopping. as it turns out they lied and put in the agreement 26 percent interest and something called a deferredcas pick up balance of 1320.00 bux it now shows my biweekly payment of 175.00 dollars on 2/14/11 then a payment of 660.00 on 2/15/11 and 660.00 on 2/16/11 i can not make those payments so im sure they will repo my car leaving my family of 5 and disabled parents with no transportation.
—Guest madashell

i really dont like dealers now

so i ordered a headlight on ebay for my bike next thing you know my gf goes up to the dealer to make sure everything is fine, they tell her i owe 620.80, she said for what, they said for the headlight and labor. They had ordered the headlight themselves and didnt tell me the bike was done and or that they had ordered the headlight (i paid 300 for mine)...
—Guest 2000 kawasaki zx6r

there is no law to help us!

Two weeks ago 12.19.2010 my husband and I bought a used car. It was BMW 2007 still on manufacture warranty, so we thought we got our dream car, We were so happy for couple of days, and all the sudden car wouldn't started. Well we still thought that nothing bad happen to us IT IS BMW and we still have the warranty, well couple of days later we took the car to the BMW dealer to fix the problem and we found out that none of the things are covered by the warrant and all happened to the car was a previous owner. We called to the dealer and we have found out that according to the Georgia law there is nothing we can do, and dealer has all the right after we sign all the paper work, and of course we did. Now we have to deal with the car payment and on the top of that we have to pay to repair the car.
—Guest BMW

injured at a hyundai dealer

i went to check out a used honda at the carter county hyunda dealer. i lifted the hood to check the car out and when i was inspecting the drive belts the salesman just started the car and severed and crushed the end of my finger! it is still horrifying to think about it!
—Guest jason manuel

Unethical practice at Honda dealership

Do not be pressured into getting any add-on options. I wanted to cancel an order for which I agreed to add on the car alarm after the Finance Manager told me that it is best installed along with the others. Being a novice buyer, I felt that I am supposed to do so. When I try to cancel my booking, the dealership at Cambie and Kingsway deducted $446+ from my deposit. This is not right as I have not taken possession of the car. I am fighting this.

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Car dealership horror stories

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