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2004 Ford Focus


2004 Ford Focus

2004 Ford Focus

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Snapshot :

Ford’s compact Focus comes in a variety of shapes and styles, including a sedan, wagon, 2 dr. and 4 dr. hatches, and a performance SVT. EPA city/highway mileage is 26/32 mpg. Prices start at $12,725 in the US, $16,475 in Canada. Basic warranty is 36 months/36,000 miles.

Should You Buy a 2004 Ford Focus?:

Ford has managed to combine two seemingly disparate achievements by creating, on the one hand, a tall, spacious compact car, and on the other, a vehicle enthusiasts like to play with. The number of bodystyles makes the 2004 Ford Focus more like an entire family of cars, with something for everyone. Drivers and passengers enjoy the high seating position and ease of entry and exit. And with a wagon and two hatchbacks to choose from, cargo space is never a problem. Nimble handling and responsive steering mean the 2004 Ford Focus is genuinely fun to drive. The base 110 hp engine is a bit of a slug, the 130 hp upgrade only moderately better, but performance drivers can opt for a 145 hp twin-cam unit or go all the way to the 170 hp 2004 Ford Focus SVT, now in 2-and-5-door versions. 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions are available in all models. But perhaps the best news is a massive improvement in quality for 2004.

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