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Best New Cars of 2012


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Toyota Prius v
2012 Toyota Prius V front view

2012 Toyota Prius V

Photo © Toyota

This is one of those "Why didn't somebody think of this earlier?" kind of cars. The Prius v is nothing more than a regular Prius with a station wagon butt grafted on, giving Prius buyers the choice to add an extra 12 cubic feet of cargo space at the cost of around 8 MPG. (In my testing, the difference was only 2.5 MPG.) But let's look at the bigger picture: The Pruis v offers the back seat and trunk space of a small SUV while using about half as much fuel -- 42 MPG according to the EPA, and 46.4 MPG according to me. With the Prius V, drivers who truly need big-wagon space can now enjoy the environmental benefits of a hybrid. So simple, yet so brilliant. If only they would capitalize the "v"...

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