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Links to all the automaker sites. If you can buy it here, this is where you'll find what the manufacturer wants you to know.
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Test a new DaimlerChrysler Product on the Track. Free.
DaimlerChrysler's innovative new strategy puts a fleet of new cars on tracks, then invites anyone with a license to have a go. Only in Canada so far, but likely coming to the US. An About Cars feature article.
First of the upscale Japanese marques offers a wide range of cars, including small sports sedans and coupes, luxury sedans, the NSX mid-engine sports car, and an SUV.
From four German marques came a company with a history going back to the turn of the century, now respected for its Quattro AWD and advanced styling.
These Munich engineers have always built performance machines, beginning with aero engines 80 years ago. Today's sports cars and sedans continue the tradition.
The Buick idea was David Dunbar Buick's, though decades later he died a pauper. But his name lives on, in comfortable, refined, well-built automobiles.
The standard by which American automobiles have always been judged is changing its face with dynamic new designs and high-performance machines.
It's a long way from Louis Chevrolet the race driver to mom and apple pie, but Chevy does it all and does it well. With something for everyone.
Still a leader in automobile styling and partnered with a certain German firm well-known for its engineering prowess. The new Crossfire combines the best of both.
From the feisty Neon to the wild-looking Viper, Dodge has a stable of cars ranging through family sedans, popular minivans, and sports cars.
Knock on Ford's front door and you'll still meet a man named Ford. Plus a bunch of fine cars wearing the blue oval with all its century-long tradition.
Soichiro Honda may no longer be with us but he leaves behind a legacy of engineering-oriented, race car-influenced automobiles.
Hyundai was the first Korean to come to America. Now well-established after a few slips, with a range of nicely-designed, well-engineered cars and a superb warranty.
Nissan's luxury line has always edged towards driving machines. Following a period of dullness, Infiniti is charging back with European style and handling.
The cars of Britain are more than fine wood and the smell of leather. Low, lithe, powerful and available in a wider range that includes the compact X-Type.
Korea's Kia now has three hot models available in the US, including compact SUV's and sedans. Dealer net is coast-to-coast and warranty is outstanding.
Smooth, elegant sedans, a sports roadster, and a line of compact performance cars reflect the Lexus approach to quality, luxury and value.
The grand old marque is being re-energised with the new LS sports sedan and a new Town Car, but the Continental is gone. SUV's now carry the Lincoln name.
A new Mazda6, the Protege5 hatch, the Mazdaspeed Protege and the Miata set the tone for Mazda's performance with style. A new RX-7 will soon join the line.
The company that started it all with Karl Benz's little three-wheeler now has a vast range of luxury sedans, sports cars, wagons, and even an SUV.
The Mercury division is hoping to step away from its role as a Ford clone with new product more clearly identified as upmarket.
High-tech holds the flag for this company, which is linked with DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai. The range runs from economy coupes to sports cars to luxury sedans.
While still building good-looking, fun-driving sedans like the Sentra and Altima, Nissan has returned to the world of sports cars with a new 300Z.
On its last legs, with an SUV the last remaining Olds to be restyled. A sad way to end more than a century of great cars, we'd say. Ransom Olds is turning in his grave.
Driving excitement is what Pontiac is about, in image at least, and the styling echos this theme with a new and cleaner look. Watch for the return of the GTO.
Its origins may have been in the humble Beetle, but Porsche has grown into the world's most successful race car and an icon for the road. But a Porsche SUV?
Influenced by its aircraft engineers, Saab has always produced quirky but aerodynamic vehicles. Now they're quick, not quirky, and still aerodynamic.
The different kind of car company has struck again, this time with the new Ion sedan and 4-door coupe featuring a much-need Ecostar 4-cylinder engine.
Every Subaru has all-wheel-drive and some now have the Outback treatment. You can also choose from conventional AWD sedans or the sensational WRX Impreza.
The new Aerio hatch and sedan maintain the Suzuki tradition of offering something different, while the Vitara and Grand Vitara continue Suzuki's SUV reputation.
World's number three auto maker builds a wide variety of models and according to numerous surveys, builds them very well. Respected by quality-seekers everywhere.
VW has been setting new standards in design, offering powerful turbos and diesels, and now gives us a W-8 luxury sedan. This company's on a roll.
Yes, you'll arrive home safely in a Volvo but now it's a lot more fun, what with coupes, convertibles, AWD wagons, a 6-cylinder luxury sedan, and a sporty SUV.
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