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Twenty truly terrible cars


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Jeep Compass (2007 - present)
2007 Jeep Compass

2007 Jeep Compass

Photo © Jason Fogelson

Chrysler capitalized on the SUV craze by expanding the Jeep lineup, but the Compass may have taken things a bit too far. A close relative of the Dodge Caliber -- which was marketed as a car, not an SUV -- the Compass was ugly and underpowered, with a continuously-variable automatic transmission (CVT) that emphasized the worst aspects of its ill-mannered four-cylinder engine. The platform was developed when Chrysler was owned by Daimler, which was apparently under the impression that Americans were okay with wishy-washy steering and sloppy handling. (Turns out, we weren't.) Chrysler managed to stoke sales by slashing the price and restyling the Compass to resemble the Grand Cherokee, but there's little doubt that the Compass will go down as one of the saddest Jeeps in history.

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