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Acura cars: What's coming in 2010 -- and beyond


2010 Acura ZDX

2010 Acura ZDX

Photo © Acura


MDX: (photo) Acura's big SUV gets freshened styling, including a version of the chrome cheese-slicer grille found on other Acura models. A six-speed automatic transmission replaces last year's five-speed, and the 3.7 liter engine has been refined for better power deliver and a slightly higher torque output. The engine and transmission changes yield a 1 MPG improvement in EPA city and highway figures, which are now up to 16 MPG and 21 MPG respectively. The steering and suspension systems have been refined for sharper handling and a quiet ride, and a new Advance package bundles adaptive shock absorbers and 19" wheels and tires. Inside, the MDX gets new gauges, a modified control layout, upgraded trim, optional ventilated seats, and an improved stereo and navigation system.

RDX: (photo) The RDX is now available in a front-wheel-drive model, which costs less and gets better fuel economy -- 19 MPG city and 22 MPG highway, 2 MPG better than the all-wheel-drive model. The styling has been updated, including a TL-like grille. New standard equipment includes a rear-view camera, compass, automatic headlights, ambient footwell lighting, and a USB audio input jack.

RL: No changes.

TSX: The 2010 Acura TSX gets an optional 280 horsepower 3.5 liter V6. V6-equipped TSXs will come with a 5-speed automatic transmission, 18" wheels, and a sport-tuned suspension.

TL: The SH-AWD version of the 2010 Acura TL is available with a 6-speed manual transmission. The stick-shift TL features unique tuning for the suspension and electric power steering as well as a hill-start assist feature, and weighs 88 lbs less than the automatic TL SH-AWD.

NSX: Acura had planned to introduce a new version of the NSX supercar, but the program has been cancelled due to the economic downturn.

ZDX: (photo) The all-new ZDX is Acura's answer to the BMW X6. About the same size as the MDX, the ZDX features a swoopy coupe-like roofline rear door handles concealed in the window pillar, similar to the European-market Honda Civic (Acura is a division of Honda). The ZDX is powered by a 300 horsepower 3.7 liter V6 that drives all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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