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Readers Respond: Car dealership horror stories

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Repairable Write Off

I was purchasing a Toyota Prado $53000 ffrom Sydney 4x4 Car Dealer when I found out from my finance company found the car was a repairable writeoff which the dealer did not disclose. Professional miconduct!!! The new car warranty left on the car was not going ot cover anything that was effected by the repairs according to Toyota Aust in Sydney. I had paid the deposit $500 and airfares $296 for two people to drive the vehicle back from NSW to SA and now I can't even get my desposit back. Don't deal with this car dealer.

Volkswagen Horror Story

Dealership damaged the paint on my new 2011 Jetta. When they tried to fixed it, they made it worse. The Sale Manager is a total Jerk, so I turned to Volkswagen Canada. First they tell me that they will look after me. 3 days later they tell me that they did not damage the car, so I have to go after the dealership. This dealership is representing the Volkswagen "Brand' and they will do nothing. My car is 3 weeks old and I have to run around getting estimates on getting it fixed after I was promised it would be fixed. I know I was stupid and should have never taken the car, but I trusted them and look what trust got me, a potential law suit. Shame on Volkswagen!!!
—Guest Shelley King

Covered "Check Engine Light" with Tap

Purshased a 2002 dodge dakota truck on Nov.2009 When I first test drove the truck it had a check engine light on, when i asked him about the light he said don't worry i'll fix it for you, just give me deposit and come back in an hour with the rest. So i did as agree upon. Truck run okay for 2 month and got worst on the 3rd month, spend over $1300 for repairs and diagnostic test. Many problems but no "check engine" light on, ever! Decided not spend a dime more for this truck, just drive it when i need to. parked in garage most of the time. Drove less than 2000 miles in 12 month period. Time has come for Registration Renewal , went to get it smog. FAILED.. why? NO CHECK ENGINE display at initial start. and code P0455 emission leak detected. I took it back to dealership. They reset the OBD computer and told me go retest in few days, they ignored the check engine issue. I went home did research, open up the guage panel myself and discovered BLACK TAP OVER CHECK ENGINE LED PANEL. SCUMS!
—Guest Jay Cee

Dealership lost the title to my truck

I looked at some trucks and took my 4 runner in with the title. When I left I was upset with the dealership and didn't notice that I didn't get my title back. Now they r telling me it got shreded with other papers. and it has been 3 weeks sense i went in and signed for a lost title and have not heard a word from the dealership...what can I do?

what to do?

bought a used car from dealer,car over heated, started burning oil,a frame almost fell off,shook really bad the list goes on.took car back they put me in another car,the brakes were so bad that I almost wrecked,took it back then they put me in another lemon all 4 tires steel belts are showing transmission won't shift out of 2nd gear,heater don't work and thats just the for starters.Now, you would think a used car that cost over $3500 would last more than the month this took place.what to do?they ignore me now i;m stumped
—Guest richard

never again!

my car broke down I had it towed to the dealership where it was under warrenty. I was told it was a throttle body and that the part was on back order. Not the case anyway I found out later by calling their head office in Toronto. So I get my car back 5 weeks later. it runs terrible, the odometer doesn't work anymore, but then the engine light came on. So I called them and they said to just put oil in it. The light went away for awhile then came back on. It broke down again. Well they told me it needed a throttle body. I asked them why because one was installed. they said nope, we installed a pcv valve. Um What? Noone seems to know anything about this and the paper work seems to have been changed. Called Toronto. 1 throttle body was ordered 1 month 5 the next. Asked them if it was standard practice to send just one. They said only by request. Called and spoke with gm, he said that he would get back to me. Never did. They still have my car and want me to pay for it.

The dealer won't give my trade in back!

I purchased the 2004 Chevy Avalanche on Saturday October 16, 2010 with my fathers 2005 Subaru Forester as a trade in to *** ***** ****** of Orem, UT. My original intent was to look and test drive the vehicle, but not make a purchase. When I test drove the vehicle the service engine light was on and I continually inquired about it. They wrote a "We Owe You" paper stating that the service engine light was on and they would fix whatever the problem was before I took the truck. After everything was signed I got in the truck and the light was still on. I told the dealer about it and they told me that the problem would be fixed another time, but the vehicle was safe to drive. I drove the truck home and discovered that it had transmission problems such as leaking fluid, not shifting gears properly, sluggishness, and not switching into 4-Wheel drive. I then proceeded to take the vehicle back within 6 hours of purchase and wanted to terminate the contract because my father would not sign
—Guest Sulley

******* and platnium

THis last year has been hell I bought a 2000 century from ******* it had problems from day 1 leaking rear main and tran pan THey gave me the run around for 3 months telling me to call people who where not in thier offices ever and nver returened a call & months after buying the car the motor blew Independent mechanic said it was becuase the last person to work on the car didnt do the repairs correctly needless to say i owe A M 11,000 for a car that blue books at 4,500 and in ts current condition is worth about 1,000 .... so i went and got a car from another place egr went out same day (they had reset check engine so i wouldnt know) They agreed to fix this i googled the issue its a 30 minute repair ... they have now had my 99 mountaineer for 3 days ... 30 minutes my a$$.
—Guest Lubbock mike

******* Toyota in Conshohocken

I purchased my used vehicle from ********* Toyota in Conshohocken. The next day I contacted my salesperson about the driver's side door handle being broken. He told me he would have it fixed. When I brought the vehicle to be fixed, I was told I broke it and it would cost me $600 to have it fixed because it is not covered under warranty. It took 3 weeks of being blamed and begging and pleain to have ot fixed. The next thing was the battery which was discovered after a break down. The next thing was the check engine light and airbag light which I had to pay to have checked at another dealer because Conicelli "does not have the right equipment". Next was the brakes and tires and once agin I was told I "hit the brakes too hard". I was told I could at the very minimum get a discount for the brakes and tires and now I cannot get a callback. ********* advertises "A nice place to do business". That does not carry over to after purchase issue.
—Guest Kristine

bad dealership

I went with my mother and auntie to the Toyota of *********to buy a car. The sales man&dealership was really nice. So nice that the finance manager was flirting with me right in front of my mother and my Auntie.(uncomfortable) I found an older car that I liked & mom loved.(and mom was buying)so I test drove it and asked for history. My mom had bought her Infinity there, so I kinda had more trust then I should have. I got the car and they gave me a 3days return policy. I had the car 3 months and then everything started going wrong.It was leaking water, so I took it to a local shop. I had to replace the water pump twice. And then coolient started shooting in from under the dash.I had the heater core disconnected. But, then I had to pull over every 3blocks to put water in and it was overheating. I took it to 3 different shops and all told me the same thing. I needed the intake replaced &other major things. In addition I had gotten a flat tire.They never gave me a tire key. Nice huh!
—Guest Dee

My First Car

I bought my car back in april from a used car dealership in southern nh. Everything seemed great because he said the car was in mint condition and to prove it he would pay for the inspections. However, he insisted we get the car inspected at a garage of his choice. Im thinking okay cool at least I dont have to pay for inspection or anything like that. So the garage passes my inspection and i start driving home in my very first car ever. Im excited but then I realize that my car isnt accelerating. I shrug it off in hopes that the problem will go away. Finally 4 months later I get sick of the problem which seems to be getting worse and take it to a different garage that I know and trust. They hooked it up to the diagnostics computer and tell me I need a new tranny and engine. Should I be able to go after the dealership for fraud?
—Guest superpissedoff

Auto Barn Countryside, IL- Subaru

I recently took my Subaru B9 Tribeca to have the tires rotate and balanced. The service department called to tell later that same day that one of my tires had a bad belt and needed to be replaced and that I should replaced 2 tires at same time. Since I didn't think anything was wrong with my tires I told them no and stated I'd pick up my car. I then took my car took to a local tire chain and asked them to look at my tires. The second company took the tires off and inspected each one individually. They found nothing wrong with my tires and stated my tires were in very good shape. After the "second" opinon I contancted the dealer and explained the situation. The representative had nothing to say. I further told him that the same service at the tire chain was $10. The dealer wanted $350 to replace a tire that wasn't in need of replacing. I was ripped off on the initial service and had I taken their advice would have spent an additional $350. Don't go to Subaru in Countryside, I
—Guest 431lagrange

lost my 800

i got a car at a dealer and 2 days later i had to return it back because of money problems, i lost the 800 dollars of the dawn, well at least i learned the leason, sometimes you win most of the time you dont, ha!
—Guest ramirez

If it Feels too Good to be True, It IS!

I should read these reviews before I got there. I was told they worked with people filing 1099 and with bad credit. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by salesman who names starts with E, who is a great salesman and H, who, I will call the finance set-up guy, really tried hard to work with me. The problem and the bottom line was the finance manager.It is funny, because E asked how I found out about the dealership, so they have to know what people are writing about them. I know what he has to work with. I gave them what I wanted to pay and they assured me it would work. I ended up being there longer than I wanted to be there and the finance manager kept on asking for more and more paperwork to prove income. When I explained that I had other businesses that were cash transactions, he said that anyone could write whatever. This guy personally insulted me and yet I put up with it and in end, walked out with no car, although the PT would have been great. I dont know if its the economy th
—Guest diecastfreak

bad dealership

I bought my daughter her first car from ****** Acrua in Falls church Va. A used 2005 Neon that had passed VA inspection. I know MD and Va inspection are different but it failed in MD. three tires were bad, one rim damages, control arm bushing worn out, motor mount broken, power steering leaking, broken wheel stud. These are things that should not have passed VA inspection. I called the dealer and spoke person in service told him what was wrong he took a message for the service manager and would call me. No call so I called the next day and spoke with someone else in service who told me the person I wanted to talk with was the person who took my call yesterday. Left two messages today and still no response from the dealership. Clearly a dealership that doesn't want to clean up a mess they made.
—Guest first timer

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Car dealership horror stories

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